Caning Videos
Want to know what BadTushy has the best Caning Videos? Read My Review

A good caning video is hard to come by. Being a spanking fan for many years I've been members to many online spanking websites. A very few of them had caning videos, but the ones I did come across during the years were mostly shot in foreign countries. Though the canings might have been good, it was always disappointing to not be able to understand what the spankers or spankees were saying during the canings.

That was until my best friend (and spanking partner Michelle) told be about Not only do they have a huge selection of spanking videos, but they have a huge collection of CANING videos. I was thinking this is way too good to be true. They do have a lot of caning videos, but are they in English? YUP, and I couldn't believe it. BadTushy has 100% exclusive spanking videos (they shoot all of the videos themselves and they are not featured on any other website on the net) And most importantly all of the caning and spanking videos on the site are made in the USA.

That means when the girls are getting caned (and I'm talking about real canings, the ones that leave a mark) are all done in the US, and you can hear the girls screaming and cursing (lol) in English. I couldn't believe it, but yes it's true. BadTushy features some of the most hardcore and amazing caning videos I've ever seen online and best of all they are all English.

Cop gives a sexy girl with a plump ass a very hard caning
Very hard caning video of a super sexy girl who got arrested

Gym teacher canes her student in the locker room for stealing

Girl given a very hard caning by a pissed off police officer